Training contract

This is where it starts

This is it: the start of your full-time career with Simmons & Simmons. You’ll join a two-year programme where our teams will teach you everything they know about the world of law. We’ve laid out this map for how your training contract will progress.

Law student or graduate


Your first seat

Then, you’ll start on your training contract. That’s your first six-month rotation within one of our practice areas. Over the two-year programme, you’ll do four seats across our practice areas, including Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets, Corporate & Commercial and Employment, and each one you take on will place you with a new team. That way, you get a broader perspective of the firm’s work and where your career might lead.

If you already have your heart set on specialising in a particular area, we’ll do our best to help you with that, since we know your strengths and interests are a strong motivator. That said, it’s also a good idea to be flexible – sometimes a new seat can open up possibilities and capabilities you didn’t expect.


Continuous support

Throughout everything you do from this point on, you’ll have your buddy beside you. And don’t forget, as part of a host of trainees – not to mention an engaged global team - you’ll find a firm support network wherever you look.



The world of law isn’t just about what you do inside the office. It’s about understanding how our clients work, and how our broader team works. That’s where secondments come in, with the chance to spend one of your six-month seats with either a client or in one of our international offices.

It’s the chance to see our work from a new perspective, to understand new aspects of the legal sphere, and to become a more rounded lawyer as a result.



At the end of your training contract, you’ll officially qualify as a practising lawyer. As an NQ (Newly Qualified), you’ll move into the department of your choice, beginning the transition from trainee to associate. And of course, we’ll keep supporting you as you do.



Becoming an associate - and beyond

Associate status is the next goal after your training contract, and many of our trainees will find permanent associate roles with us. As a key member of the team, you’ll build on your specialist skills in your area of choice, working on day-to-day client work, business development, and mentoring younger members of your team. Now, you’ll start to aim higher, moving towards Supervising Associate, Managing Associate, and even making Partner, when you’re ready.



There are plenty of steps on your journey, and your salary will change as you move through the programme and beyond:

Trainee salary package:

Hong Kong
$45,000 (first year)
$47,000 (second year)