We set up elexica, a dedicated legal content website for clients and contacts more than 10 years ago. It provides a rich stream of legal information, services and resources – any time they are needed, absolutely free. elexica has grown into an impressive library of practical guides, checklists, case reports, legal analysis, training modules, podcasts and email alerts. One such resource is the Simmons & Simmons LaunchPlus microsite. The first online product of its kind on the market, it provides all the information a start-up hedge fund manager needs to consider to start a new fund from scratch.

Then there are our award-winning navigator products, developed by our Financial Services team and launched online. They provide standardised information on four areas of financial services regulation (fund marketing, derivatives, securities marketing, and share disclosure and short selling) across nearly 100 jurisdictions, at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal advice. Already a huge success, we are planning to extend its scope to other areas of financial services.

And it’s not just online where we are working in new ways. We also offer clients the option to work with us through Simmons & Simmons Adaptive, a model which allows them to flexibly resource large scale projects or secondments with high quality lawyers at very short notice. What's more, Simmons & Simmons Adaptive lawyers get access to our world class client base as consultants, while holding complete control over when they work and the assignments they take on.