Support & development


You will be assigned a supervisor for the duration of your Abogado. He or she provides guidance on the day-to-day tasks you are involved with. As a trainee, you will work closely with your supervisor, enabling you to gain experience in a broad range of work types.


Whilst undertaking your Abogado you will be allocated a mentor. Mentors are always partners and so have excellent legal experience and in-depth understanding of the firm, making them ideal sounding boards for advice on everything from seat changes to the firm’s policy.

Human Resources

We have a dedicated Human Resources team to support you with various issues that may arise. They will provide assistance on a range of matters, from obtaining further qualifications to selecting seats and applying for secondments.


Appraisals help us to identify your development needs, let you know where you have excelled and ensure you are progressing well. You will have regular appraisals throughout your Abogado.

Other forms of support


  • Sports, social events, team activities, firm wide networks of special interest groups and departmental events all offer opportunities to make friends and find unofficial mentors throughout your time here.
  • During client secondments, one of our lawyers will act as the main point of contact in the department you have been seconded from.
  • We provide a professional counselling service, which gives free and confidential advice.