Structure & Support

Desired qualifications

We are interested in high calibre law graduates. We also welcome applications from graduates with joint degrees in law and a complementary discipline such as economics or business administration and from post-graduates in law. You should demonstrate an excellent academic record throughout your education. A high level of written and spoken English is highly desirable. Any other languages, including German, French and Italian, would also be beneficial.

Activities and interests

We look for well-rounded individuals with both a strong academic record and a rich ‘life experience’. This could be reflected in your hobbies, sporting achievements, cultural pursuits or travelling experiences. We are interested in hearing about any positions of responsibility attained at school, university or in previous employment.

Work experience

Previous work experience, whether high profile or more modest, can provide us with a good indicator of your core ‘soft’ skills, such as communication skills or multi-tasking abilities. Whether you have had legal exposure in a work placement or spent last summer working in a bar, both roles demonstrate your ability to get on with all kinds of people and take on positions of responsibility. We also a place high value on any transferable skills you may have developed through a previous career or role.