Support Network

We appreciate that joining a large organisation like Simmons & Simmons can be daunting, with plenty of new names, faces and information to remember. So it's really important to have a support network to help guide you through those first whirlwind weeks of the training contract and the two years ahead. People who don't mind if you ask obvious questions, who've been through what you're going through, who can always point you in the right direction.


Graduate Recruitment & Development Partner and HR

    • Overall responsibility for the resourcing and development of trainees
    • Certifies that trainee has met required standards at end of training contract period
    • Organises seat change, qualification and performance management and provides support to trainees.
    • Runs Trainee Skills Academy


    • Provides trainee with day to day work and training
    • Gives trainees appropriate opportunities to develop legal skills and knowledge
    • Offers legal advice and guidance to trainee
    • Provides an environment that encourages trainee to take responsibility for their own development in line with trainee competencies
    • Appraises and gives feedback to trainee

Trainee review representative

    • One per department
    • Frequent contact with trainees to ensure exposure to legal work and fee earners in the group is at appropriate level
    • Encourage supervisors to give feedback throughout trainee's seat (includes monitoring trainee performance review process)
    • Point of contact for trainees to raise informal concerns


    • Answers future trainee questions on trainee experience
    • Informal peer-to-peer contact for guidance and support


    • Consistent point of contact for trainee throughout law school and training contract
    • A sounding board for trainee concerns
    • Provides trainee with advice and guidance where necessary e.g. advice on career and training
    • A senior fee earner who in most cases does not work directly with trainee

Group head

    • Overall responsibility for training experience in practice group
    • Gives guidance and support to TRRs
    • Makes final decisions on trainee resourcing and manpower planning for practice group