What We're Looking For

Our assessment process will test you on our key competencies including:

  • Analytical: Your ability to use logical reasoning to analyse information and solve problems.
  • Ambition: Whether you're motivated and driven to achieve success, and energetic in pursuing new opportunities.
  • Collegiality: Your ability to build successful long-lasting relationships with a variety of colleagues and clients from different backgrounds.
  • Commercial Awareness: Show us you understand the current global commercial issues and what this means for businesses.
  • Challenge: Your ability to think creatively, challenge others and communicate with impact.
  • Commitment: Your ability to plan and manage work effectively and get the job done whilst adapting to differing and changing needs and circumstances. 

We set out to hire the best graduate talent, regardless of background. So we’ve designed our recruitment and assessment process to be as rigorous, fair and open as possible. Below you’ll find a handy at-a-glance checklist of hints and tips:

Apply early

  • We recruit on a rolling basis so we strongly recommend applying early to avoid missing out.

Preparation is key

  • Think about the various law firms to which you’re applying. Consider how they are structured, their international scope and the type of clients with which they deal.

Know what we are looking for

  • Check the competencies you’ll need under the 'Our Competencies' section.

More than just the academics

  • Clearly tell us what it is about a career in law at Simmons & Simmons that excites you.

Give yourself enough time

  • When it comes to taking online tests, don’t leave it to the last minute. Find a quiet spot, make sure you’re free from distractions and give the test your full attention.

Stay calm

  • We know video interviews can be daunting but stay calm. Take a deep breath, smile and look at the camera. Imagine you are talking to a real interviewer. And take a moment to make sure that both you, and the background behind you, are presentable.

Be yourself

  • We need to know who you are. So make sure your personality shines through and don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Answer the question

  • Firstly, understand what’s being asked of you. Then formulate a response that’s clear and detailed, but still succinct.

A two-way process

  • Remember to ask pertinent questions and show interest.


  • We hope you’ll be successful should you attend an assessment day. But if you’re not, ask for feedback – it will help you in the future.